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Unnatural Domain by CommodoreHorton Unnatural Domain by CommodoreHorton
As the Ascendancy places such emphasis on segregating the lives of the Heraldics from the remainder of the populace, they crew their own vessels in the fleet; as their numbers are so much smaller than that of the majority of the civilization, it thus goes to reason that very few large vessels are operated by the Heraldic Order.

The Unnatural Domain, a temporally refitted Hand of God class transport, is the largest vessel operated by the Heraldic. Part prison ship, part research vessel, she was present-though not involved in a tactical sense-at the Exceion Massacre, though she stayed on the fringes. She came no closer than one of the moons of Algor.

OOC: Just a bit of a teaser for you all.
Athalai-Haust Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Oooh, Such fun will it have with her! She will come in great use to it indeed... It Appreciates it's liberation. First her, then the Gorgamon... It Begins.
CommodoreHorton Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
I actually anticipated a bit of a horror vibe in her upcoming story; knowing you Henry, there are no such things as innocent ruins. That being said, I'm sure we can have multiple horrors on one ship for certain.
Athalai-Haust Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Student General Artist
She'll be Something horrible I'm sure. We shall take a venture with her, that even lovecraft and Barker would have shuddered in Revulsion at.
From my count, She'll be one of three Vessels in Ancerious of the Horror vibe type story. The first, The VEHO, from the Gateways arc. is going to Cause problems elsewhere after the Arc ends.
The Gormagon, which is going to be introduced in my next post.
and The Unnatural Domain, Which is going to have her fair share of connections to the Gormagon and it's nightmare.
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