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Light Field Artillery by CommodoreHorton Light Field Artillery by CommodoreHorton

While the Flux are not likely to willingly engage in ground combat, that is not at all to imply that they are not equipped for such purposes. Most assuredly, their history of consistent conflict has left them well adept at it, though the Nakai conflict proved to be the most unforgiving of all the wars the Ascendancy has participated it.

For the Flux, the size of the explosion is not at all a major factor in the use of artillery. As demonstrated above, most Flux artillery pieces are of a smaller scale, simply due to the difference in doctrine and theory as to the most useful application for such devices. The light field artillery piece demonstrated above serves a wide variety of roles, but in terms of intent of design the LFA is an anti-personnel and armour device beyond anything else. Equipped with temporal foreshadowing, the LFA is able to lead targets with uncanny accuracy, giving the piece the capacity to fire with extreme accuracy at distances well over the horizon. Deployed even in the smallest of numbers, LFAs are capable of denying enemy access to large swaths of terrain, as their range typically exceeds twenty miles in flat terrain.

The LFA also functions in a secondary role as an anti-atmospheric air role; while lacking the punch or range required for hitting targets above conventional atmospheric boundaries, it is well capable of disabling atmospheric aircraft with a single hit. Averaging a rate of fire of twelve rounds a minute, a lone LFA is not particularly capable as far as aerial suppression is concerned; however in numbers LFAs prove to be hard nuts to crack by means of atmospheric support. Typically though they are not intended for AA purposes, as without overlapping defense against orbital targets LFAs tend to be easily dealt with.

The operator of an LFA lies prone in the aft section, well protected by shielding and physical armour.

acerr85 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Student General Artist
The Nakai and Fluxs artillery are damn awesome!

However none of them produce big 'booms' as it were making it the least flashy arty fight ever XD
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