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Brute by CommodoreHorton Brute by CommodoreHorton
The Flux Ascendancy is exceedingly cautious about deploying ground elements in their conflicts on account of their military doctrine. As the Ascendancy finds no need or desire to occupy foreign territories as they have no shortage of resources or space, it is virtually unthinkable that they would embark upon a planetary assault. Instead, the Ascendancy generally relies on scorched earth policies via orbital bombardment and the Great Weapons. However, that is not to say the Ascendancy is incapable of such occupations; indeed, they were a common element in the ancient Nakai Wars, and are believed to have originated at that point.

The Brute represents the equivilent of the Ascendancy's main battle mech. While the design has not seen any noteworthy deployments since the Nakai conflict, it remains a potent heavy hitting unit engineered quite effectively to benefit from its comparitively limited mobility. While the Bounder relies on speed and agility to destroy its opponents, the Brute is more of a lumbering monstrosity; heavily armoured physically, the design features focusable multiple shield generators. While other mech designs generally attempt to have one (or multiple) shield generators covering the whole of the designs's body, the eight generators on the Brute each cover a particular field of area with minor overlap between them; allowing the shield to remain functional instead of being overwhelmed by prolonged fire.

The Brute's central weapon is a single role wormhole spinner, a device normally reserved for starships. Admittedly a simpler version than the shipmounted twin role spinners, the wormhole spinner is used in particular to counter heavily armoured units. Unlike conventional weapons which attempt to destroy shields, armour and the object proper, a wormhole spinner merely relocates materiels (and shielding energies), allowing it to cut with impunity through defenses. The technology was originally created as a response to the Nakai's Athena latticework technology, and proved highly effective in that role. However, as it is mounted aboard a vehicle with limited volume, the Brute's wormhole spinner is less capable than their ship mounted counterparts. (See upcoming article on Wormhole Spinners for more information). Never the less, the Brute's wormhole spinner allows it to command incredible armour piercing capabilities against heavy adversaries.

Beneath this central weapon on two prongs are the mech's shield cutters, which allows the design to penetrate fortification and create windows for other, smaller units.

Beyond the wormhole spinner, the Brute is equipped with a battery of eighteen high-yield energy compression cannons, allowing the Brute to deliver a blistering barrage against targets lacking the heavy armour which would demand the wormhole spinner's capabilities. Additionally, the Brute supports close to 30 anti-aircraft installations, making the Brute a formidable adversary for ground attack craft. Combined with the multi-layered shielding, the Brute is well capable of exacting a heavy price on any attempted aerial assault.

Finally, the fringe draping off the Brute's hull serves as a unique auxilary weapon. Each tendril is in fact capable of separating from the Brute and writhing their way across the battlefield in a whip like fashion. Constructed out of high capability materiels, these tendrils are capable of fusing together, and will wrap themselves around enemy mech designs and thus render them immobile. Notably, they are capable of growing back out of the mech, though this generally takes several hours.

(OOC: This was my contribution to the mech race. My laptop will shortly be undergoing refit, and in the odd chance that I find a reason to occupy some planets, (TOTALLY NOT FORESHADOWING) I thought it would be a good idea to have this up for your perusal.)
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Ambr0sius Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013   Writer
The metal whips are a particularly interesting weapon idea, they remind me of a scene from Alastair Reynolds' "Diamond Dogs"
CommodoreHorton Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
Thank you! The Ascendancy is but one small player in the Ancerious-Galactic RP group, and as I have them with a smaller size and...shall we say, unique disposition...I have to keep my tech and tactics very unique and adaptive in order to maintain their preferred status quo. You should check out the place, Ambr0sius. I think you might find recent events intriguing.
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ambr0sius in the Ambrosius System? Now that would be a sight to see! :D
soundwave3591 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
I still have yet to post my super mechs.....the Behemoth and the Titan would make even these things pause and reconsider....
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
cant wait to these get posted! whats their status?
soundwave3591 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
sketch mode at the moment.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
ah cool :)

Im trying to work on the Decimator quadroped land mobile battlefortress but again thats in sketch mode too...

Though im randomly updating all the Unions vehicles to full scratch done sprites and so well im really happy about them :)
CommodoreHorton Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
I'm sure they would; as I said, this is my main battle mech, not my heavy design. Surprisingly, I was calling my large unit the Behemoth as well! Though for me, this is mostly on account of classification: all my mechanized ground units start with Bs, ie Bounder, Barnacle, Brute...

But yes, I reckon we're both holding back our heavy hitters for now. XD
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMFG the roombas have gained legs sentience and are out for some payback RUN!

jokes as side great mech design horton I am rather sure in ground combat most folks reply will be awestruck with a dash of 'WTF?!"
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